Suomenlahden aarteet

by Aura Shining Green

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Unofficial translations of the lyrics:

Unofficial translation #1


*The title means the river Ii, which is located near Oulu, the place where I was born in 1980.
I spent many a happy summer day on the banks of the river in my youth, walking through the meadows
to gaze at the sea.*

The lullaby of woodlands
The glimmer of clear blue lakes
The footpaths of Lapland across the distances
The forest groves of Häme
The sunrise in Savo

In our dreams the white deer at the forest rapids
elk antlers on log cabin walls
twilight mist over the garden plot
shadows of pines in the dark
as the sounds of midnight echo at the riverbank
the black waters flow
towards the rising wind
that whispers out on the sea

(whispered in the background: "Summer days in the waves of Saimaa / childhood games on the sands / how endless the sunrises / how beautiful the sunsets")

Iijoki, we hear you through the river fog

Over the old bridge, past the wild weeds and the birch trees
we walk through the moonlit meadows to the seashore
to witness the beauty of bright starry skies

Unofficial translation #2


*The title translates roughly as "Maiden North" or "Maiden Pohjola", but the tone and the feel is lost in the translation.
The lyrics are based on the prayer to Saint Bridget of Sweden.*

Make haste and illumine the night.
I long for You
as the dying long for You.
Say to my soul that nothing happens
without Your permitting it,
and that nothing of what You permit
is without comfort.

You who were silent
restrain my tongue
until I find what I should say and how to say it.
Show me the way and make me ready to follow it.
It is dangerous to delay, yet perilous to go forward.

Show me the way.

Unofficial translation #3

Laulu hopeisesta linnusta

*"Song of the silver bird", I wrote this song as a meditation on the barrier between this world and "Tuonela" (Hades in Finnish mythology),
here presented as a thick wall of spruce trees and mists at the outer edges of the forest
which surrounded the cabin where I stayed at some point earlier in life. The silver bird flies through the fog and brings back words from the dead.*

Sing, bird, sing
Sing a silvery song
Over the moonlit woods
Above the tall spruce trees

Fly into the mist of Tuoni
And bring back a tune
Far from the lands of the dead

Sing, bird, sing
So that the willow might wear her silver
As the night rain passes to give way to sunrise

Fly, bird, sing
Harbinger of the white daylight

Unofficial translation #4

Kurpitsalyhtyjä ja eläinnaamioita (Otalampi pimeän jälkeen)

*"Pumpkin lanterns and animal masks (Otalampi after dark)". This song tries to capture the eerie and magical feeling of wandering around the lantern-lit forest paths of Otalampi.*

Unofficial translation #5

Island girl

*A song inspired by old, romantic & melancholic Finnish movies.*

Unofficial translation #6


*"Spirit badger". The spirit badger moves through the undergrowth, occassionally showing up on the outskirts of countryside towns
to beckon children to follow it through the trees.*

Unofficial translation #7


*"Star crown". I wrote this song in Barcelona after a few glasses of nice red wine in late spring.*

Great teacher
show me the way
and I will fulfill your wish
and travel as far as one can go
Towards the far shores
into unknown villages
where holy men carry black rocks from the mountains
and worship your female form

Give me the words
and I will write your story
on these frail pages

Give me a voice
and I will sing your song
Play your chords on these old strings (*note: in Finnish this can also mean "in these ancient languages"*)
and kiss your wine-stained lips
under these stars
the white pearls on your hips, white enchantress of the mountain rapids
the light of Orion on your breasts

All my songs were always for you

Unofficial translation #8


*"Wind crown". This was composed upon my return to Finland after years spent in Central Europe.*

Unofficial translation #9

Saariston kesä (19.07.1986)

*"Archipelago summer (19.07.1986)". Hazy memories from the western & southern archipelago off the coast of Finland.*

Unofficial translation #10

Sateenjälkeinen maailma

*"A world after rain". I wrote this song as a wedding gift for my wife Matilda.*

Across the rain-fresh meadows
we walk hand in hand
under the green gate

Maple, oak
clear skies
summer wind
in your hair

There was a time for waiting
but the waiting is done
and now we rise
through the soil and moss

Blooms mother nature

Lichen-crowned, with her majestic antlers
in the glimmer of Pohjola's forest lakes

Dewdrops on the leaves of a world after rain
and the sounds of distant thunder

Unofficial translation #11


*"Moon crown". I wrote this song in Catalunyan nightfall.*

I searched the holy books for answers, the forgotten doctrines
from the grey regions of West to the borderlands of East
looked for the truths that were nowhere to be found

I longed to learn the secret of the fire
but the fire burnt my curious hands
reaching toward the flame

And in the arms of beautiful women
craving for warmth, shivering in the cold
when from behind the crimson curtains
a distant song carried to my ears;
and as the sirens on the rocks, enchantresses in bright halls, the song mesmerized me.

Thujon, opium, I salute you.

Unofficial translation #12

Saimaan saaressa

*"On an island in Saimaa". A rendition of an old Finnish song I learned as a child. It tells the story
of an old bachelor living on a rocky island in Lake Saimaa, and a lonely seal who lives in the waters
near his cabin and comes to visit him when the old man plays his harmonica.*

Unofficial translation #13

200 miles of emptiness

*I wrote this song on a journey to the eastern borderlands of Finland. We stayed overnight in a freezing, haunted dance hall and I wrote this ode to the vast emptiness of rural Finland.*

Unofficial translation #14

Metsänkuninkaan haudalla

*"At the grave of the king of the forest". The Old Grey Elk was the king of the forest beyond the old wooden bridge near the place where I lived as a child. After his passing, the animals sometimes gathered around his bones in silence.*

Unofficial translation #15


*"The red-breasted small bird". A song to the robin, sitting in the tree outside our window. A lament to the world of old we lost, and the one we live in, from which we travel to Pohjola when the time comes.*

We ran all the way down to the river, in those days of youth
and you said to me "'tis the beginning of a new world"

Back then you drank the water from my palm,
the red-breasted small bird
and I said "Pohjola can still wait - let us sing now and crack the skies with our voices"

Here at the water's edge
the rapids run into crimson
and we belong to each other for now
and as the morning rises
we lay the promises on the lilies
and rise on our wings
for the long journey
to Pohjola of our dreams

Unofficial translation #16

Särje sydämeni jotta valo pääsisi ulos

*This one is really difficult to translate, without it sounding too much off. Here's a try. The title could be "Pierce my heart to let the light out" - it could also be "Break my heart to let the light out" but the feeling is wrong in both translations.*

Pierce my heart
and let the light out
Break my heart
so that the light may escape

On these banks of the eternal rivers
all this beauty
on these eternal river banks
the beautiful white land

The last sunflower withers and dies
as all life hibernates
and the New Gods shiver in the freezing trees

And at last it is just you and me

Winter deer
thunder deer
antler to antler
forest spirit of eastern Finland
from you will the true god rise
old face, young face
rocky dust face
dances with the leafmaiden
and grows towards the summer

pierce my heart
break the heart of man

On these eternal river banks
a beautiful white land

And at last it is just you and me

Unofficial translation #17

Vanha Tomunaama

*"Old Dust-face"*

Unofficial translation #18


*"The Holly Child"*

Hear this my old friend;
do you still remember the song
you sang in the summers of the 80s

As the morning rain watered your ancient roots
and the world was still new

I would like to remember that tune

and walk one more time
under the green gate
into your kingdom

Unofficial translation #19

Kutsuin sinua

*"I called for you". Spoken word by Utu Lautturi.*

Unofficial translation #20

Kaunis valkoinen maa

*"The beautiful snow veils the landscape in white". A very rough translation.*

On these moonlit hills
we read aloud these ancient passages
of what had been
and of what was yet to come

Sometimes I can still remember the braids of pale starlight
as we held each other in the radiant shine from the heavens

This yuletide we will burn the last memories from those days
and carry out the treasures of our summers
for the new age from the ashes rise

Back then I gave you a promise to keep to this path
but I keep on forgetting to write back to you
from this land of song, you white swan,
from this forest of fables where the woodsmoke covers all
and fends off all our sorrows

And even though the sun has already set
and the winter snows never fell
I will dedicate my days to the new sacred light
and sing like the landscape bathed in spiritshine

Unofficial translation #21


*"Meadowland". A song I wrote in our forest cabin in Viitala. A very rough translation.*

On every branch, life and death
a swirling maelstorm
towards the Pleiades and the center of the sky

Be ancient, be here now. Be everything. And everything in between.

And in this merry go around I stand as a witness to it all.
Through the woodsmoke and starlight.

And I salute the ancestral tree, and the sapling too.
The youth of first spring among the fungi, with roots reaching down to the blue halls below.

Unofficial translation #22

Unien Pohjola

*"Pohjola of dreams", or "Dream north". A farewell song.*

The red sunrise
over the frozen field
reflected in the shroud of crimson
and for a moment it feels it's just the two of us here
on these godforsaken wastes,
the backwoods of eastern Finland

"Is it the time to go?" you ask. I answer "Yes, the fields are drowning in blood".

And on that day
we finally set off towards the north of our dreams
over the landscape sleeping in hoarfrost
through magical Lapland

To where the clear waters flow
and lush green forests cover the hillsides
while all the animals look up from their homes
as the summer rains herald the sunflower fields

And we can sleep forever.


released December 22, 2016

ASG was Joonatan Elokuu, Olli Niemitalo, Niina Rajaniemi & Matilda Aaltonen + Utu Lautturi as a guest on "Kutsuin sinua"